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Smile Back in the saddle...

Back in the saddle! I had it done friday afternoon.. so I had a 3 day weekend to see how I would respond to treatment. So I went to work tuesday morning! I had a sworm of people curious about the treatment.

Alot different than I expected.. in a great way. With just a little puffiness in the PWS itself, and today 6 days later.. the bruising has gone down and today it looks like it did before treatment.. but a little lighter. I was told it takes about 2 weeks for it to break down and muy body to absorb it.

It already looks better this morning than before treatment.. it is amazing how different it is. Initially the darkest part was by my nose, and now the darkest part is on the outer edges.

Treatment itself wasn't nearly as bad.. I was so freaked out reading everyone else's stories. I should have known better.. I was the same way with having my kids.. csection.

I am anxious to go to my next treatement 10.16.09.

I plan to take pictures tomorrow (1 week since treatment) to post to show the difference.
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