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Smile Bruising is normal

I had my first laser treatment a week ago on my PWS. To turn dark red means it is bruising and is a VERY good sign. Basically your PWS is enlarged blood vessels and the blood pools there before it continues on its clockwise path through your body. Over time the vessels become lazy or lax and causes the darker color and cobbling of the skin. The thickening of skin etc is from lack of movement of blood through the vessels..

I was told by my dr that as soon as she did the first 2 shots.. it began to bruise, which means it is breaking up the blood trapped or pooled in these vessels.. and it can take up to 2 weeks for it to absorb back into the body.

My PWS was a dark red initially, and right after treatment was almost black. The next day, dark purple. Then deep red and some purple. Today it is a soft pink with some medium pink on the outter edges. It is amazing.

The bruising is normal to break it up.. this is a good sign!

Did yuo not have bruising from your previous treatments? Did you notice improvements??
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