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Default Stork Bite

our beautiful girl was born yesterday with a very similar mark on her upper lip.
I also have had a very hard time finding pictures that showed a similar condition.
Originally the Dr. said it was a port wine stain but he now seems to be of the opinion that its a stork bite (just a little redder than is often common)
I think for any parent, anything that appears out of the norm is an immediate concern as we all want our children to be perfect.
I think its great that there is a community out there that can help parents with knowledge and understanding of these conditions. It seems like paediatric dermatologist are not very common and paediatricians can often misdiagnose conditions on first inspection.
I believe the skin condition will eventually clear itself up, and if not we have the modern marvels of lasers to take care of it.
I will try and post more pics later on, remember that the internet is great for information, but also great to instill panic. Talk to others about their experiences and dont jump to conclusions overnight :-)

Enjoy the marvel of parenthood!!
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