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Wink Thank you for your comments!

Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement/ support. I accepted it as something I wasn't going to be able to change. for most of my life. My mom always said it was a skin discoloration and any treatment would be in the thousands.. which was out of the picture, she was a single mom.

And I am sure 30 years ago.. it was a lot more to get treatment and people didn't know a whole lot about PWS. I started noticing it texturing.. very weird, and there is now a deep purple dot in it.. which I never saw before.

When I was little it was a pale to medium pink.. and before treatment it was a deep red. But I never notice the changes over the years to a deeper color. I wear makeup everyday, and only really see it in the mornings before I put makeup on or right before bed when I wash the makeup off.

So I looked into seeing a specialist.. and found a clinic that has the Vbeam laser. They offered a free consultation. When I went I wasn't sure what to expect and for them to wipe off my make up and stare at it.. was a little uncomfortable considering NOONE sees me with out make up unless we are VERY close.

The one time I braved going out of my house without makeup while I was an adult and after many years of hiding it. I went to the convenience store with my exhusband. I sat in the truck while he ran inside, and an older man walked out and gawked and stared, Mostly when people stare and you make eye contact they have the decency to look away.. but he didn't. He kept giving me the stare that I was some beast.. I was so upset when my ex came out to the truck I told him what happened and he literally wanted to fight this man. I was just wanting to go home.

So needless to say I don't give much opportunity to get gawked at. I was an extremely shy little girl.. and once I started covering it, and changed schools it was like a whole new start. Amazing. I finally broke out of my shell.

I am very excited to go to my next treatment in a few weeks.. I wish it were here already!
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