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Default Cost? Handling nerves?


I'm Liz, 24. I have a large PWS on my right hand that extends up to my back. I was treated as a child and have decided to go in for more treatments. I've found a doctor I feel comfortable with who has the Perfecta laser and also wants to test YAG and another laser on me, however, my insurance isn't going to cover the treatment & I want a little background on the average costs.

Has anyone paid out-of-pocket? Were you charged a fee per visit, or a fee per group of visits, or a fee per laser shot?

Also, in the past I've always had a family member with me for these treatments but around here I only have friends... has anyone asked a friend to drive them home after treatments? I really don't want to do these alone since I tend to get super-nervous (flipped out in the bathroom before my consult), but I don't want a friend in the room with me getting worse than I am. Would it be weird to ask a close friend to drive me and wait in the waiting room or another exam room? Would asking for an exam room to be in before and after the appointment be very unusual?

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