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Hi Elissa,

My problem is a recurrent AVM (most AVMs are recurrent). Two months after the first surgery I was very pleased with the cosmetic results, but I phoned Dr. Waner to know more about his prognosis : he had said that it would recur in about ten years. Right at the beginning of that phone conversation, after having asked how I was doing, Dr. Waner suggested to do that second surgery (under local anesthesia, for free) using another procedure and my trip expenses paid for. I was not expecting such a proposal! I was happy with the results of the first surgery and telling him so, although I would have liked very much to hear that it would never recur. So, this is how I got that second surgery.

I was swollen for about six weeks after the first surgery (a 2-hour procedure under general anesthesia). The first two weeks were the worst (with the bruising ++). After the second surgery, again swelling decreasing for about six weeks, but after the first week, my lip was not much swollen, it was nice.

If you're interested in "before-after" photos, I can e-mail them to you.

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