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Default Possible Treatment

I met someone from the US Army who was station in my country who does his. and others, do their best to help special cases like myself get help. He is trying to help me find options.

I will be meeting with two plastic surgeons from the US on sunday. I know they aren't the doctors i need to see now but its a start. And my MRI, MRA, MRVs appointment will finally happen on the 19th Oct. So may be i will finally have a proper diagnosis of my birthmark. They are meeting another young lady also. Different case. But i'm the kinda a** I'd rather they help her than me if given a choice. I also feel like i'm taking away a chance from some kinda with a hole in his heart or something. BOY DO I GOT ISSUES !

I am not excited. I know i should be. I know alot of people will be happy for me. But i dunno how the hell this is all gonna happen. I don't know. Can i sell myself ? esteem is pretty low i know i'm gonna have to depend heavily on others to help me. I'm 31 ( i think ) shy. not very assertive when it comes to myself. Not too bright. I have trouble understanding sometimes. I'll do almost anything to help someone else out and not want anything in return.

trying not to feel overwhelmed. One day at a time. See what happened. think positive. But i look forward to having those test done and forwarding them to whoever i need to. Find out why my face swells and i get a high fever sometimes. If i have to someone move to the US for awhile i dunno how my mother is going to take it. she's gonna freak. I'm her P.A too.

wow. to possiblily have treatment. growing lip reduced and check reduced. will my hearing get better. to not dread so much being out and about when the kids are out from school. confidence. to have my face not bleed suddenly in public from some crevice. Yes. This i really want to get excited about. I have my passport ready.

we'll see
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