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Default A common case of strawberry with pics

Here's our story. My daughter Paulina is 2.5 months old now. During the first days after her birth she got some kind of allergy reaction (toxic erythema). There were small white papules over her chest and belly and fewer of them on her legs and arms. Two injections of diphenhydramine were made in her left thigh and the rash began to fade out in 2-3 days.
At that time I noticed a cluster of these papules (about 10) on a small (about 1 cm) surface above her left knee, and there was a barely visible reddish color on this place. I thought it was some kind of inflammation and it would go away. In 3-4 days more the color became deeper. Then I suspected that it was a hemangioma (I was a little aware of this problem because my 3 year-old niece got lid hemangioma after her birth!).
The color was deepening every week. And then it became slightly (1 mm) raised above the skin surface. Our surgeon said that it's a strawberry (superficial, capillary) hemangioma, it's not threatening and (!) such things wouldn't go away by themselves (O_o) and some kind of treatment had to be made (here it's usually treated by сryotherapy or laser).
I attach some photos (on the last one I oiled it so that tiny tangled vessels are visible). The photos are here
What is our prognosis? I don't think that the surgeon is right concerning сryotherapy here, and I'm afraid it will leave scars that will not go away by themselves for right! I don't know whether the laser is justified in this case..
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