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My 12 year old son has a facial port wine and has had treatments since he was 11 mos. old. I totally concur with Missy that there is no need to feel any guilt whatsoever with treating her port wine with laser. All the research points to early treatment to minimize growth. This is a progressive condition and you should treat it as such. I too remember being overwhelmed with all the information. My advice to you is to stick to this website only for information, sometimes the internet provides more than we need and not necessarily in a good way. I have been at this a long time and I agree with Josie's Mom that it tends to be harder on us than it is on them, especially when they are little. Kids tend to feed off of our anxiety, so the more confident you are with what you're doing, the more they'll think nothing of it. Laser treatment just becomes a part of your life and that's what she'll know.
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