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Talking 2nd Treatment!

Well I had my second treatment 3 days ago.. it was totally different than the first treatment. The dr had to change the settings because there was a few area that were stubborn. It turned black again (bruising) but it was amazing how you can see how much it broke up since my first treatment. When it is bruised you really see where the vessels really are.. It is quite amazing.

The dr said she was impressed how well I responded to the first treatment and she was excited how much it has changed. She said she sees that it will be very faint after 3rd treatment.. HOW EXCITING!

I iced on and off the whole evening. Didn't sleep elevated. It wasn't sore to the touch like last time. I can wash it normal.. put make up on rubbing etc like normal. Totally ok.

However. The things I noticed, closer to my nose there are 2 bumps now where the vein seems to be bulging on my face. almost like little pimples.. but I know not to mess with them.. don't want to bleed.

I put make up on the next day.. and where the bumps were... the makeup kept coming off, weird. But I had to touch up 3 different times.

But so far.. so good. It is now dark purple. A little hard to cover being so dark. But I know it will get better.

So Excited!
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