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Default Question for Rhonda w/12 yr. old son

Hi Rhonda,
Would you mind sharing more about your recent laser experiences with your 12 yr. old son? My 2.5 year old son has had nine treatments and we've decided to move him to a maintenance schedule (i.e. one or two treatments per year). I wish I could peek into the future to learn more about what to expect with my son's treatments going forward. The fact that you've been at this for 11+ years makes you a perfect resource of information for mom's with younger children going through laser treatments. I've been wishing I could talk with a mom in your situation. Would you mind sharing your experiences?

- how light did your son's PWS get before you moved to maintenance treatments? (Obviously, it's hard to describe in writing; but I'm just wondering, did you get complete clearing, cleared to light pink, etc.)

- how often is your son treated at this point?

- how/when do you decide to have him treated? Do you look for darkening, or are you on a set schedule?

Thank you for sharing your insight.

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