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hi, when i grow up i started to use make up and that made me feel more confident, but i'm always scared to show it up. When i was little, kids were always saying something about it, and people looked at me like i have bad smell or something. So i was very insecured since very young and i think im getting obsessed about the make up, because i cant stop use it even to go to take the garbage out or something like that, every day, all day, so was thinking to take it out but i dont have the resources to do it, i know that'll improve my life so much and my personality, im very shy and i panic if i have to talk in public, i start to shake, i get red and i feel im gonna faint, because i believe people all is watching is my birthmark. So that makes me isolate myself and that makes people feel uncomfortable with me i guess.
And if i see somebody like me i just wanna go away from that person, i dont know why, is just me?
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