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come to think of it, its been younger doctors that show a greater interest in me. May be because they are more advanced info wise with the internet an all and so more aware of whats out there even if its not their field. A doctor has an interesting case and with a click of a button its pass it out for opinions. Not dissing older doctors ! just saying maybe its a generation thing.

Remember like you said before, when you were born no one knew anything about birthmarks. I had the same problem. Doctors really didn't know what to do. This is not an excuse. Doctors do not know everything. an maybe they just ignore what they don't know if its not an immediate concern. i dunno.

You will find a doctor. Look for the closest area on the list of this website. And try to get there if your new doctor can't help. Or give the doctor as much info as you can with contacts. If he's a good doctor he will look into it.

The past is the past. What you need to do its think of now. But i do understand how you feel. I feel if my family did not migrate from Australia maybe eventually i would of had help alot earlier in my life. I had argo laser up the the age of 7/ 8 i think and it was stopped cause it wasn't doing nuthin and they thought it may affect my health. But i can't know that for sure right ? things happen. if i took that path i'd be a very bitter person hating my mother for the rest of my life. So i think maybe now i may have an opportunity and i want to see what happens. My last shot probably but we'll see what happens.

hang in there and save your frustration for the next doctor caught for insurance fraud !
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