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Default a little late on posting.. sorry!

Very very sleepy in this pic. this was taken a week after treatment. After looking at the pic.. now it has been 3 weeks since treatment. It is SOO much lighter. I can't say enough how much easier my make up is. it is literally amazing.

Before I was wearing so much to keep it covered.. and during the in Oregon and a lot of humidity and rain.. it would get oily or glossy and I would have to blot during the day to keep that area from shining. I hated it.

Now I hardly have to wear makeup and don't havre to retouch ever during the day.

I won't say that there isn't some kind of discomfort during procedure and it is tender the following 2 days. But I am able to still put makeup on it.. rubbing it in.. etc.

The laser feels like being snapped with a rubber band. I tend to have a REALLY high pain tolerance. And that being said I suppose different areas may be more or less tender than others. Mine is on a tender part of the face.. right by the nose under the eye.

It wasn't like I was lying there dreading each pulse of the laser. And could possibly be that I am so excited I could care less.. and am just anxious to see it after.

To me it is worth it. If it was around my eye.. I would be very nervous. My leg.. not at all. Just depends on the area and how sensitive you are.

I do ice my face the night after treatment. It sort of feels like a burn.. but you can touch it and it doesn't sting. It is a deep burn I guess, I don't ice it because of pain.. I do to prevent swelling. And for me it may not swell either way. It is soothing though to ice it. Again I am once who will ice my whole back after a massage, my therapist says it helps get the crud out of the muscles.. I love it.

The other thing is.. it goes by very fast. My PWS is the size of a silver dollar and the treatment takes less than 8 minutes or so.

8 minutes of rubber band snapping.. for the results? YES any day.
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