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Thank you so much Corinne on the info you have furnished. I had dropped you an email and look forward to hear from you soon.


Originally Posted by nickbar View Post
Hello Sharon,
I am sorry you are having to deal with the stress of this all...especially the unknown. I will try to answer your questions below. I encourage you to keep doing exactly what you are doing... research and reaching out for will become your life line.

. The truly best laser treatments to treat PWS: Yes, it is not just my opinion...but pws typically are best served with laser. There are not a lot of options.. other issues associated with pws may require other treatments...but to manage the pws, laser is the route. This can have long term benefits to avoid thickening, cobbling of the pws.
2. The top dermatologist in the world (I heard they are in America). A few names will be great!... yes, YOU can email Dr. Stuart Nelson directly from this site. He is located in California, but is very good at answering emails. Also, Dr. Geronemus in NYC is another expert in pws/laser treatments. If you email me I can also work on finding someone in your local area perhaps. I would still recommend you contact these two doctors for advice. Please provide them with as much medical detail as you can and provide any pictures.
3. The top ophthalmologist cos our doc suggested a 2nd surgery and yet she cannot be sure of the success rate since glaucoma is a life-time illness. I would talk with Dr. Aaron Fay in Boston (he is also on our ask the expert panel and can be emailed directly from our site.).

You mentioned doing laser under G.A, this is a common practice with children and adults with extensive birthmarks. My son did not have a pws...rather a large hemangioma spread across his right side of the face, neck, ear, eye, scalp..etc.. He was under g.a. for all of his laser tx. Dr. Nelson can answer any concerns you may have about g.a., A typical sedation is mild sedation and the child is under for a very short peroid of time.

If you have any more questions,please feel fee to email me at any time.
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