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Originally Posted by garcia03 View Post
My Daughter is 2yrs old with a portwine stain covering her left leg, from her ankle to her bottom of her buttock to half of her private area. Her first visit to a Derm. was about when she was 3months old had a MRI done and only found that she had abnormal veins. So as time passed i noticed that her left leg wasn't longer or had any overgrowth but is the same length as her right leg but it is 4 inches thinner then her rightleg. I was reffered to a Orthopeadic clinic in Central california. I went to the Orthopeadics today and just said that she had extensive portwine stain and she Hypotrophy and I would have to see a plastic surgeon. I'm confused, Should i get a second opion? Could she have KTS?
I have been searching for 6 years for a child w/ the EXACT SAME PWS as my Son. Please contact me- I would love to talk!
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