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I agree that parents shouldn't suggest to their kids to cover up their in any ways. When I was little(6-12 yrs. old) my mom would advice me to cover up my birthmark, and not only with makeup but with my hair, or when taking photo's she would tell me to turn my face to the left a little to make my birthmark less visible. She also applied makeup over my birthmark (that didn't even cover up my birthmark and I still remember how nasty it smelled), but after a year or two I was sick of wearing makeup so then she stopped applying. I didn't see anything wrong with me then, I thought I was "normal." When I turned 14 I got very self conscious of the birthmark and start wearing makeup, but it was a choice that I made myself. Ever since, I have been wearing makeup. But now, my mom doesn't want me wearing makeup. She says that I'm beautiful the way I am. Really?!? Why did you try to cover up my birthmark when I was little? Was I not beautiful enough with the birthmark?
Parents please don't try to cover up your child's birthmark, let them make this decision themselves.
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