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Can you imagine my baby girl having to go through up to 10 times of mocking of what I went through???!!!

I think many of us here can... yourself having a large birthmark, and many of us here as adults, too, having them - myself included.

I know it's difficult because you want to protect your little girl from every insult that people will fling at her, but it's so very important to stay cool and not treat the birthmark like it's an object of shame - because it isn't. Yes, these things make us different... but they're not shameful. They just are. In other words: ABSOLUTELY DO treat the medical issues and continue to treat cosmetically, but as she grows older, answer her questions, be sympathetic to her if kids make fun, teach her appropriate responses to offensive remarks, but also start to let her help make the decisions as to what she wants to do about it cosmetically. It sounds backwards, but it may make a world of difference to her self-esteem.

In other words, if you don't treat it as something shameful, she won't, either, and if she doesn't, most other folks won't - and she'll be able to roll with the punches better when the rude people and the mean kids inevitably say dumb things to her.

Again, just my two cents, but we were discussing this over on another thread (this is a good one --> and I thought it was a really good point. If you read a lot of the adult stories there, it'll perhaps provide some insight as to how to help your daughter deal with the inevitable difficulties she'll face.

I wish you the very best success in everything you and your daughter do on your journey with her PWS.
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