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Default Growth on birthmark

Hello everyone, I just registered on the forum, and would like some help.

I am a 34 year-old male with a port wine stain covering most of my left face. 2 weeks ago a spot at the lower end of my birthmark started to bleed. I thought it was nothing and just staunched the flow with a tissue and let it scab and heal. But since then, the spot has become a small growth, oozing a bit of transparent liquid as well as blood. It has scabbed now but the growth is about 6mm in diameter and 6mm in length. I am worried that it is growing bigger and more unsightly.

It's been a difficult few months for me, as I have been struggling with depression, and this growth is not helping. I know I should see a doctor about this, but I was hoping I could get some feedback about this here.

Thank you, and hope to have a response soon.

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