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Default Update - sorry for delay!!

Why does life get so CRAZY this time of year??? The time just slips through my fingers!

Anyway, as expected, my primary doc took a look at the birthmark and knew nothing about it except it was a PWS. I talked about being concerned about KT syndrome, which was met with a blank look. I even showed him my email from Dr. Nelson, and he almost seemed dismissive of it.

At the end of the appointment, he referred me to a dermatologist. I wanted to cry because I really thought I'd get some answers/knowledge/information - not just a dumb look and a referral!!! So I did just that - called my BF and cried my eyes out. BF told me to "hold on, let me call my mom" - and he did. Turns out my BF's little brother has a pretty extensive case of KT - and his mom is very familiar with the many treatments, surgeries, etc. Turns out the derm my doc referred me to was the same guy that treated my BF's little brother for his KT stuff. I was really relieved after hearing that.

So - that's where I am now. I will be making my appointment with a fella by the name of Dr. Panzer in the coming weeks, before the New Year, if I can. Delaware's a microscopic state (most folks don't even know it's a state! Dela-where?), but I figure I'll ask anyway: anyone ever hear of him, treat with him? I'd be interested to hear stories.

Thanks, folks - so blessed to have a "sounding board" here.
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