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This is regarding your mention of the learning disability, from a school-based speech-language pathologist:

If your son demonstrates learning problems in areas other than reading, but only qualified for reading according to IQ-achievement discrepancy, a medical diagnosis of SWS might actually make a case for a change in educational diagnosis so that he can get additional services if he needs them. I believe that learning difficulties are characteristic of SWS, so with a medical diagnosis of SWS, you may be able to make a case for an educational diagnosis of Other Health Impairment (this may be differently named in OK - this is what it is called in Missouri). With an Other Health Impairment diagnosis, he would be eligible for additional services.

If you find a doctor and a diagnosis of SWS is determined, this might be something to consider. Then, the medical information could also be included in the IEP, including the possibility of seizures and what school staff should do in the event of a seizure.

But then, if his only problem truly is in reading, then you can disregard this whole thing.
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