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Hi Missy. Thanks for your reply. I too feel frustrated to not be able to communicate with others that understand! Ok, so, I did email Dr. Liang about 6 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Should I try again?

Also, Abatie, I can try to make more of an effort to check this thread more often. I can tell you last night I was extremely frustrated with our situation and I emailed Dr. Levitine in Beverly Hills, CA and he returned my email within a few hours asking for my phone number to call me. I have yet to hear from him but I am hopeful he will call. He is a birthmark doctor listed in this organization, so check out the doctor list and look for his name under California doctors. His web address is listed there as well.

I would really just like to go where needed to get my questions, concerns and healthcare all answer and with a plan to help. I don't care that you can actually see my daughters birthmark at this time, I do care what it may possibly be doing to her health!! I need a doctor that cares and is willing to LISTEN to me, as her mother, and want to help!!

Abatie, do you live in the States?
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