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Default Daughter just been dignosed with Lymphangioma

My six year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Lymphangioma in her neck, it has taken 4 months to get this far and we've just been told they cannot operate to remove it as the risk of some facial paralysis is too high. We live in the UK and am really glad I've found this site as I'm struggling to get information. We've been told the best to do is leave her until puberty and see how much it's changed and as she will have grown in maybe easier to operate on then. Has anyone had a similiar situation or is this the standard route taken. She has been tired with it and not her general happy self, we were told this was because they think she had a bleed within the lump and this will happen sometimes. She also suffers with circumscriptum on her tongue, which makes her tongue bleed. She's had that for about 4 years but doctors never diagnosed it and we've now been told it's connected.
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