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Default PWS, need second opinion?

My one year old daughter has PWSs on her lower back, back of right calf, dappled on her ankle and foot, botton cheek and pubic area. We've seen the pedi derm at Duke, who said it was fine, don't have to do laser, it's our choice. Should we get a second opnion? She's had a MRI, it was normal. Anyhow, because of the sensitive area of the PWS and the possibility of the cobbling, bleeding, etc, I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to have the laser done. I don't care how it looks, and hope she won't either, I just want her to never feel any pain, emotional or physical. I know no one else can make this decision, but I can use some advice/guidance. Is the laser therapy insurance against the cobbling?
Thanks for any insight.
Happy New Year!
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