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Default Liver Hemangioma And Pregnancy Issues

Hello, I am 25 and was diagnosed with a 4 cm liver hemangioma. My hepatologist (liver specialist) told me that we should just watch it to see if it's growing. My only symptom is persistent nausea. He told me it could not be from the hemangioma but, through my research nausea is one of about 5 symptoms!
I am awaiting the results of my 2nd CT scan to monitor it's growth. My primary Dr. told me that he did not recommend pregnancy as the increase in hormones could cause it to grow and any hemangioma 10cm or more would require surgery. He also told me that I couldn't be on birth control b/c it too contains hormone and therefore cause growth.
I have a 2 yr. old son (which I was extremely ill while carrying and on complete bedrest) and unfortunately had a miscarriage last year. After reading many posts (2 of which also mentioned the loss of a pregnancy) I am concerned that this hemangioma could cause pregnancy issues such as loss?!?! We want to try for a 2nd child but, now I am worried that we could lose another child. Is this crazy? Are hemangiomas and pregnancy issues (other than hemangioma growth) linked?? Are hemangioma's and nausea/vomiting issues during pregnancy linked???
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