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Hi Becca's Mom,

My daughter is 14. She is a freshman in high school. She had a large nasal H. smack in the middle of her face. It looked just like a "Bert & Ernie" nose. We lived in a small town in Mass. so everyone knew her. They accpeted her. She told people she had a "boo-boo" on her nose. When she started elementary school, she knew the word HEMANGIOMA and explained to people it would go away".... HMMM, well that's what we were told!!!!She was never actually teased, but she was ALWAYS explaining!!! We moved to St. Louis when she was in 4th grade. Here she had a harder time.. Again, never teased to her face,,but talked about!!! She heard from others.....

If I had the opportunity to have her treated when she was young,,I WOULD HAVE!!!!!!

At age 12 we started laser treatments, and now, we are seeing Dr. Waner. She will have the surgery this summer.... I wish as her mother, the technology was around when she was young,, I do belive life would have been easier for her. BUT,,,,,in all honesty,,,,My daughter is one of the most sensitive and kindest kids I it because of the hemangioma,,,who knows,,,,but,,, given the opportunities now,,I'd go for the surgery,,,

One thing my daughter does hate though is looking at baby pictures of herself!!!

Answering your question about self-esteem,,,,,,,, NO,,,she has been fine with that,,,I think as parents,,, we have always treated her as BEAUTIFUL,, and luckily, so have her freinds,,,,,, even now, she has a boyfreind and he sayd she's beautiful,,,,well, she is!!!!!

Elissa,,if I can help you in any other way, please feel free to e-mail me:
Elissa Rifkin
VBF Developmental Specialist
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