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She will be starting Birth to Three services soon for physical therapy. She will qualify for services because of her medical issues because kids can qualify if there is a medical diagnosis that may cause her to fall behind.

As far as her doctors at Mayo we don't need to come back until July. They will then reevalute her leg size differences, recheck her heart, and meet with us to see how she is dealing with CMTC and deal with any problems she may be having.

The doctor we meet with today said that the heart issue may or may not be related - he said it is almost impossible to know. He made a good point - does it really matter if the two are related? I guess that's true - we will deal with whatever issues whether they are related or not. The only thing is that it would be nice to know for other families.
We will continue with updates as Becca develops and as we deal with monitoring her health. This whole experience has made us even more appreciative of or kids and we find ourselves taking the extra time with them even if it means we have to be up much later at night to finish what we didn't get done. Maybe CMTC has been a blessing - we have definately slowed our pace and are enjoying life rather than just going through life.
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