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Hi Beccasmommy,
I am 30 years old with a pws which covers the entire left side of my face including my left eye,ear and my whole mouth down my neck and part way down my chest. I will honestly tell you it wasn't easy growing up. The constant pointing staring rude remarks to my mother about "abusing" me the list goes on. As a child, having such a huge birthmark was hard, I had alot of friends who didn't care at all about my face, and they always stuck up for me. The problem is that it hardened me as a child. I was very angry that I was "chosen" to be so different. My dad would tell me God made everyone unique for a reason. As I got older I started recieving laser treatments which were excruciatingly painful with very little result. I have had 6 treatments. They lightened a little but when I became pregnant with my daughter it became dark again. I wear makeup now and if you didn't know I had a birthmark you wouldn't see it. It is a blessing you child has been born recently when there is so much they can do for you. The very best of luck to you and your special baby. yours truly, Lori
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