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If we tried to offer financial assistance, we would have a hard time deciding on which family to offer it to. We simply don't have the funds to take on so many families and the costs can really be exorbitant.

Instead of providing financial assistance, we provide assistance in dealing with insurance issues, so that insurance companies will pay for appropriate treatment. We have also intervened in extreme cases to find resources for travel expenses, getting doctors to donate their services, etc.

VBF is the first organization to provide resources for families dealing with vascular birthmarks. We not only educate parents and families, but Dr. Linda has spoken at medical schools and we help distribute information to medical students and physicians alike, so they are more likely to treat vascular birthmarks in the correct way.

Between the conferences and the various programs, we network a lot of people into treatment each year. And it does cost us money to run these programs.

Linda Shannon has literally given her life to keep this foundation going. She eats, sleeps, and works VBF and has put together a foundation that keeps offering more and more to our families each year. We have chapters all over the world now and every week, I hear from every continent except antartica!!

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