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We spoke with Dr. Delfanian on the phone tonight after he gave us his home number and encouraged us to call. That of course was very nice of him.

We spoke for about fifteen minutes and his recommendation is to move rapidly on this using a pulse dye laser treatment. Because of the location of our daughters H on the tip of her nose he feels that treating it early is the absolute best option. My wife and I agree as you just never know how these things are going to grow.

We are flying to MN in two days to meet with him and if after discussing it further we decide that this is the best treatment then we will be going in as early as Friday.

Also, we brought up the possibility of Propranolol as a treatment but he does not believe it will be effective with our daughters type of H. Apparently the Pro. is more effective in treating larger masses, but not so much on the thin tissue of the nose.

We'll keep you updated.
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