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Default Pulsed dye laser & Propranolol

We've received a number of replies from various specialists around the country to our e-mail questions about our daughters nose tip hemangioma.

Essentially this is what we've gotten. Without fail they have suggested the pulsed dye laser treatment as a first line of attack. Each of them has also strongly recommended doing this as quickly as possible to try and stop the growth. This is encouraging to us as we've already been able to set this up to be done in under a week.

The replies regarding Propranolol have been mixed. One doctor told us it wouldn't work on this type of H. Another said he hasn't seen it be successful on this type. But two others have suggested that they believe it will work. The Arkansas Children's Hospital doctors seem to be strong believers in it. They believe in a combination treatment of Pro. and Laser for the H on the nose. They tell us that the laser won't treat the deeper bluish components of the H but that the Pro. will.

Anyway, I believe we are going to proceed with the laser right away, see how she responds to it, and then consider the Propranolol afterwards.

We'll keep you posted.
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