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I guess I didn't want answers from the secretary but I wanted a number of someone that I could call to get the answers that I need. They had called us back two weeks ago to come back last week and then the doctor didn't really know why they called us to come back. I think there must be some disagreement between the doctors on treatment (although I don't know this for sure). The cardio. didn't seem to think any further tests needed to be done for six months and now there is a chest x-ray scheduled for March (something doesn't add up). My mom is a nurse and she said the GI might be to run some other special test to look at her heart. I can't remember what she called it.

Nine hours one way in a car with a baby is a long time. I would like to just know that we are going for a purpose this time rather than get there and have the doctors not know why we are really there. Especially since we are scheduled to see doctors we know nothing about.
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