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Hi Everyone,
I hadn't checked on here since last year as didn't think I'd had any replies...well today I've been amazed! Wish I checked sooner! Congratulations to everyone on the births of your gorgeous babies. Thanks so much for putting the photos on. I can now tell you that at nearly 9 months of age, my son's birthmarks have also faded considerably. So much so that at his 6 month dermatology appointment, his consultant was quite amazed. Even the marks on the back of his head - which apparently don't usually change, have faded a lot. Initially they were dark purple but now they are pale pink. The marks on his face still come and go depending on if he is hot/cold/crying. But generally when he is happy and settled the difference is remarkable and sometimes you can barely see them at all. I'll try to put some pictures on but it's not working at the moment because the files are too large, I'll re-adjust them and try again later. Best wishes to everyone...
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