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Hello All,

Well our daughter, Ouest, underwent her first pulsed dye laser treatment this morning and we are over the moon with how well it went. She was in and out in just ten minutes and seemed to suffer very little pain.

Dr. Delfanian is very happy with the procedure. Her nose already looks much better. The bright red is now black and appears to have been "killed". And the deeper bluish hemangioma has faded significantly and, despite being swollen from the treatment, is actually smaller than beforehand. We can already see a difference in the profile of her nose.

We won't know for a couple of weeks to what extent we got it, but it appears that this one treatment made very significant progress and may have even got it all. Fingers crossed. However we feel confident that even if we didn't quite get it all that we will be able to knock it out with another treatment next month.

We are very happy with how everything went. Dr. Delfanian was terrific with our baby girl and with us. In just one week he answered our e-mail from Mexico for help, we spoke to him at his home on a Saturday, he stayed late to meet with us on Thursday, and he performed the procedure on Friday. Incredible. We are so happy that we were able to move so quickly on this. In just that one week we observed the hemangioma growing a quarter inch.

The only bad news we discovered this week is that Ouest also has hemangioma on her forehead and eyelids. It is very superficial at this stage. So much so that we are just going to continue observing it, but Dr. Delfanian has assured us that if it begins to raise up at all that he will be able to treat it very quickly. And he has got our full confidence. Because she is now showing in three areas we will also be going in for an ultrasound this week to check her out internally.

For now we're concentrating on our successes though and my wife and I feel like we've done the right thing and that our baby girl is on her way to having her perfect little nose back.

I'll post pictures soon.
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