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Dear Becca's mommy,

I will give you the advice a friend gave me when my daughter was less then a year old, and we were walking in Nantucket, Mass. on vacation.
I, too, knew people stared at her, and looked with "pity".... and then I would give them an "evil" stare back... or I would whisper a nasty reply....
My girlfriend said to me you better realiize that
Jacqueline (my daughter) sees your responses and reactions to people,,,she sees how you repond to them looking at her,,,,, "don't respond in any other way that makes her feel anything less then BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, and PROUD to be her MOMMY""

so from that day on,,I would always smile, and laugh and not react to anyones look......

I knew and still know my daughter is gorgeous,,,and to this day, she is sweet, and extremely sensitive and kind...Maybe I over-did teach her beauty comes from within...but, she knows she is beautiful, but, her nose needs some, it's just a nose,,it's not her!!!!

I hope, you can understand, what I am trying to relay...
Elissa Rifkin
VBF Developmental Specialist
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