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When we had questions, our family dr referred us to the pediatric plastics clinic at the local children's hospital. (IWK in Halifax) The specialist we saw initially recommended no treatment and since we agreed with him, we left it alone. Upon our follow up visit, 6 months later, he said we should look into having it treated, since it was showing no signs of involution. We go back for a third follow up in another 3 months, but involution has just started - it's looking smaller - so I'm hopeful we can avoid surgery.

We did, however, see several other children at the clinic with H's in various stages of treatment and healing - several of which were not obviously impeding on vision/breathing/life, which seem to be the requirements for no-hassle removal. So, if parents insist/demand treatment, it is there. You just need to go in armed with research (which I would tell anyone, anyway!) and be assertive in advocating for your child.
Me - Aimee - Spot on liver
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Taking the 'wait and see' approach, for now.
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