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Default 2 month old with scalp hemangioma

My daughter developed a strawberry hemangioma just after birth right next to the soft spot on her scalp. The day after her birth, we noticed a flat red mark on her scalp. The pediatrician assured us it was a birthmark and it would fade. Over the course of a few weeks, it began to raise and develop into a strawberry hemangioma. The pediatrician says it will get worse before it gets better and says most of them involute on their own. She is now almost 8 weeks old and it has grown to the size of a peanut mnm. We are concerned because it is growing up and has become very raised. It looks like a min-volcano on her scalp. I e-mailed Dr. Waner and he wanted to see her asap. He said he recommended treatment. Does anyone know what type of treatment a 2 month old can have? We would like to have it removed and not take the wait and see approach, since family members and friends of ours did that and the hemangiomas grew quite large and needed surgery at a later date. Is it safe to put a 2 month old under anesthesia to remove it? Any advice or knowledge is greatly appreciated.

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