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Default Meredith

First, thank you for responding. There does not apprear to be frequent posts here and I was so glad to get your email. My question to you is, who told you it was just cosmetic? Our pediatrician from the beginning told us that and it was not until we saw a Derm. who specializes in Vascular anomolies that we learned it may be a lot more. I have heard of so many people being mis-diagnosed (do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting that is you). Just wondering about who you have been followed by. Has there been any testing (ultrasound, MRI)? Just curious.

My email address is Feel free to write to me directly. Where do you live? Hope to hear from you and all the best!

Originally Posted by Merereb View Post
Just wanted to say hello. We have a one year old with a PWS, lower back, bottom, diaper area, dappled on back of right leg and foot. We've been told it's all cosmetic, but I won't believe that until she's grown and legs are semetrical, etc. We're holding off on the laser therapy for now. I struggle with that daily. Just wanted to let you know, there are other parents in the same boat.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to communicate further.

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