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Default 2nd Laser Treatment

Hi All,

Nice to hear from you all, thanks for the kind notes.

Well after our first laser we were feeling pretty good for the first week or so. Our daughter's bright red area desappeared and the deeper purplish area seemed to be shrinking a bit as well. However after another week went by the deep area seemed to be becoming darker red and growing a bit again.

We contacted Dr. Delfanian a few days earlier than our original follow-up appointment, and after viewing pictures he agreed with us that we should hit the H with the laser again. We knew we would be, but this was about two weeks earlier than we had anticipated.

So two days later, today, we were back in the hospital. The treatment went fine. Her nose appears to have gotten "zapped" a little more than last time and is pretty much totally dark purple. Which frankly we take to be a good thing. Dr. Delfanian feels good about the way things are going and has told us that he is 100% certain that if we hadn't moved so quickly on this that the H would be fairly large by now.

Ouest also had a very small H on her arm. We had been keeping an eye on it and in the past two weeks it had started to raise up so we went ahead and hit that with the laser today as well. Seems to us, and to Dr. Delfanian, that there really is no reason not to take the offensive with Hemangioma.

Anyway, that's it for now. We'll know more in the next week or two as her nose heals from this latest round. Here's a picture from this afternoon. It's a little scary looking, but from the first laser treatment the dark purple area was the part that healed the best, we're hoping for similar results this time.

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