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Hi Angela,
My daughter's scalp hemangioma began the same way. My 5 months old, it was the size of a baseball. She began treatment at six months. Her first of seven surgeries was at one year old. Her last being at 4 1/2 yrs. old. Dr. Waner and Dr. Levitin were her surgeons, they are an incredible pair of Doctors. (Dr. Levitin is now on the west coast). Dr. Waner is the best of the best, I took Riley to many surgeons all over the east coast. He took one look at her hemangioma, reassured us, and formulated a plan. I can send you before/after pictures if you like. We live in NJ as well!
Good Luck!
Kelli B. (Mom to Riley Jane, age 5, former scalp hemangioma)
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