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We began treatments on our dd at age 6 months so she could be given GA and the eye shield inserted. You should not treat the area on the eyelid or around the eye without an eyeshield. It poses too much of a risk.
Emily's pws covered about 60% of her upper eyelid. She is the baby on the front page with the pws. The pws on her eyelid is not easily seen in the photos.

I would wait until you can treat with the eyeshield. Just make certain the hospital is equipped with shields small enough for an infant/newborn. They do exist.

Our physician also will not treat infants whose eyelid is treated because the eye shield is not a direct fit. It can move a little. Any movement of the baby and it coulld move out of place. That is why we opted for GA. GA is safely administered to infants around age 4 months to 6 months.

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