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The school did go ahead an evaluate with the test materials they had when we realized what was happening (things move really fast in a school with less than t200 students and parents who are both at school to sign consents). They were the ones that then called our family doctor and I was able to be in on the phone call between the family doctor and speech therapist. Our family doctor agreed that Mayo was the place for the evaluation. She called yesterday and got an appointment for us while we are there in March. She had talked to the nurse that works with the pediatrician we are seeing and she then talked to him and he agreed that based on everything going on with Becca that it needs to be evaluated. She has an appointment with their ENT first but they are fully aware that the evaluation will probably be needed. From what I read about their department they are all in one office working together so that will make it easier to get the appointment for the evaluation while we are there (they may have just scheduled it that way for all I know). Everyone here is shocked by this because we all thought her hearing was fine. It has been amazing the different things we have noticed since the initial evaluation a couple of days ago. She is doing just about everything by visual input. I will be really surprised if they don't find some kind of loss.
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