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Default User and Login Problems

Because Becca's case has gotten so involved I have again tried to use the ask an expert but it tells me I need to login. I am already logged in and then when I try again it says it doesn't recognize my username and password. Obviously I know what it is because I can post. The questions I have for the CMTC expert-
1) Is there any research showing a connection with atrial septal defects and CMTC?
2) Is there any research showing a connection with hearing loss/deafness and CMTC?
3) Who should be the primary doctor in the management of CMTC? We have so many specialists involved nobody is sure who is in charge.
4) Do others have limited use of the affected limb? Limited use on the entire side of the body?
5) What treatment is suggested for limb length discrepency?
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