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Default Do I have an AVM? left hand pic attached

The doctor i went to thought is was a hemangioma. I don't think so now that I'm reading more.

For all I know it's some kind of AVM or some veins. My family never really explained.

I am pleasantly surprised to actually find somewhere on the Internet to share my individual experience with whatever it is I have with professionals and others affected by them.

I am a 39 year old male, and I've lived with the hemangioma in the pic below since child birth. My mother used to always tell me it was nothing and that it was just cosmetic.

A few years back it started to get a lot bigger, I suppose that just came with me getting a little older.

I went to see my primary care physician back in 2004 or something and he scared me so bad with the suggested procedures that I never went back at all. (I'm one of those people who suffers from SEVERE HOSPITALITIS". I would literally pass out on the floor from the procedure he suggested I go through.

As of late, I am wondering if the hemangioma/veins above the surface of skin they need to be under is affecting anything else in my body. It hurts sometimes.

I am on an HMO and I now have a different primary care physician. From my experience so far, none of them understand anything about it. One was even supposed to refer me to a specialist, but never did. You're kind of treated like cattle when you're in an HMO anyhow, so no surprise there.

I guess my question is what can I do about this? Is there some easy kind of injections or some surgery where they can just numb me up and yank them out? I don't really care to even try to face some of the tests that they wanted me to go through. It seemed like they were really doing it to make more money, as the place I went to is famous anyhow for giving unecessary tests and all sorts of other gouging practices to make extra money.

Maybe I can give it another shot. I just have no idea what to expect and I'm hospital terrified already.

Well, thank you for having a read. I appreciate it.


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