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Default 1 week after 2nd laser treatment

It's been one week since our daughter's second laser treatment. It's healing up good and not bothering her.

We're still not entirely sure how we feel about the laser. So far it seems to be containing the hemangioma but not making it go away. Dr. Delfanian thinks that it would be much larger by now if we had not done the treatments, and we do tend to agree with that, but the fact that there is no solid visible improvement makes us unsure of whether or not we want to continue doing this indefinitely. At least as the only method of treatment. We're still contemplating Propranolol.

We're looking at another laser treatment in about two weeks and will probably make a decision at that point.

In the meantime Ouest just goes on as if nothing is wrong with her nose at all and has no idea of the worry her mom and I feel daily over this. The beauty of babies huh?

All the best.

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