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Originally Posted by xrox View Post
According to a lot of the current medical journals there is no such thing as an adult hemangioma. I am no doctor but the swelling on your hand looks like a "Venous Malformation". If the swelling is soft, compressible, bluish in color and does not have a pulse or thrill to then it is most likely a venous malformation. If the swelling has a pulse or thrill to it then it may be an AVM.

If you are looking for treatment you must first get a firm diagnosis of what it is and that means seeing an experienced vascular specialist. Emphasis on "experienced". There are a lot of resources on this website and a lot of members who can help you along the way.

Also, an MRI can tell you just how extensive the malformation is under the skin, in the muscle, or in the bone. I am very glad to hear you are mostly symptom free. This is usually good news regarding the seriousness of the malformation.

If your malformation turns out to be superficial (skin only) then you have an excellent chance at a successful outcome from treatment (either surgical or sclerotherapy). Or you may choose to do nothing until you become more symptomatic.

Take Care
thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my posts.

yes, i was told this week that it is in fact a venous malformation. there is no pulse. it doesn't give me much pain or anything, and its unsightly though.

i hope the doctor i sent email to here replies to me, as he sees mostly babies.

thank you again.
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