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I got this just now:

To Whom It May Concern:

1. Most patients with CMTC do not have other medical problems. Most commonly, patients can have leg length discrepancy, which can present over time and cause knee, hip or back pain. Many disorders have been associated with CMTC but many of these are not true associations. Many of the reported cases of CMTC are actually capillary malformations.

2. CMTC has also been associated with hearing loss. Again, many disorders have been associated with CMTC but they may not be true associations.
3. The primary doctor depends on who is the expert in your area. For example, it could be a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or pediatric surgeon. Many specialists care for patients with vascular anomalies and it varies by center.
4. Hemiplegia (limited use of one side of the body) has been associated with CMTC.
5. Leg length discrepancies are frequently seen in patients with CMTC on the leg. Treatments consist of shoe lifts and epiphysiodesis if needed.

These recommendations are based on the information provided. They do not reflect a formal consult, as we did not examine this patient in person nor did we review his/her medical history in its entirety.

Please let us know if you have other questions.

Best regards,

Marilyn G. Liang, M.D.
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