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well I hope I am not too late on giving you more info on this. Well my daughter is now 3 years of age and when she was born she had this faded out red freckly beneath her eye. And as just a few months passed it did grow very big. In fact when she was 5 months old she had her first laser procedure done. They had stuck a laser to "burn" it to in a way suck out what was there to shrink it. The doctor told me that he did not want to remove it until it had got to its biggest. and usually they shrink between her age of 2-5 years of age. It was not too bad and now that she is 3, it has shrunk a lot!! So if it does not completely go away before she is 5 years old the doctor is going to remove it so that she doesnt get teased in school! good luck! oh, and they say it does not hurt, she says it doesnt hurt, and we never had to deal with it bleeding or any other problems.
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