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Originally Posted by ericinfo View Post
thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my posts.

yes, i was told this week that it is in fact a venous malformation. there is no pulse. it doesn't give me much pain or anything, and its unsightly though.

i hope the doctor i sent email to here replies to me, as he sees mostly babies.

thank you again.
My daughter has a very similar venous malformation on her foot except hers is right through the thickness of her foot. There are many options for treatment.

1 - Surgical resection
2 - Sclerotherapy
3 - Combination of 1 and 2
4 - Do nothing (take pain medication)

I would avoid #1 at all costs unless the VM is purely superficial and easily removed. Otherwise the VM will return even worse than before.

#2 has several options but the most effective chemicals to use are

1 - Ethanol
2 - Foam STS, Poly (safest of all three)
3 - Bleomycin

Sclerotherapy is essentially burning the vein from the inside. Just like any burn there is pain ans swelling and scar tissue. Even boiling water was once used for sclerotherapy.

Take Care
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