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Im a 16 year old girl and i have had a birthmark all my life. Its on my left breast and is about 8cm by 6cm, its very noticable. I have been to the docters and i have been refered many times to see many suregons however they all refuse to operate or treat my birthmark as they believe it would make it worse. Although i can see how this is true but the doctors who are telling me what will look worse on my body, is a concept i find hard to take easily. I was eventually sent to a make up specialist and to begin with i thought this would be the answer, however the makeup never dried and due to the akward position of my birthmark it rubbed off on my clothes and i was back to square one. My life is seriously effected by my birthmark i refuse to have serious boyfriends and only my sister (and ofcourse teh docters) have seen my birthmark since i was 12. I am i very shy person and i find it very difficult to buy clothes and live a normal life as it is always on my mind. I wish the docters would help me as personally i see a scar would be more easy to explain to someone than my birthmark . I understand many people wont agree with me and i do understand that there is a reason why the docters are refusing to help me although this is just such a hard issue for me and as i've got older i am becoming more and more upset with this. Im just hoping that soon someone will be able to help me as i really see it as a block on my life.
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